Party Like a Princess is My Dream Come True

ArielArielChildren's Princess Party in Denver, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock featuring Ariel from The Little Mermaid



Ever since I can remember, I dreamed of being a princess. I loved watching all the princess movies, dancing around in frilly nightgowns and tulle petticoats, pretending I lived in a castle and had little animated critters as my best friends. Throughout my life, I chose to watch these sweet movies as a great way to escape from reality. They were a welcome break from the stress of school from the moment my saddle shoes took me into my first day of kindergarten until my high heels took me across the stage to receive my college diploma. I firmly believe that getting to enjoy some time in a make-believe world was essential in helping me develop a creative imagination.



During my high school years, I cherished my time in musical theater and knew that after I graduated, I would always want to incorporate theater into my life in some way. I needed to nurture my passion for acting and singing… it made my heart so happy.

After graduating from college, with my straight A goal met, I began a YouTube channel where I teach makeup tutorials. My target audience is girls just beginning to discover makeup and who may struggle with self-esteem. I was one of those girls and I want to make myself available for anyone who would just like to chat about what they’re struggling with – whether makeup related or not. Headshot of Denver's Party Like a Princess founder Cait BHeadshotCait B Headshot

Now that my channel is established and doing well, I want to branch out and concentrate on entertaining little ones by fulfilling a life-long dream… becoming a princess and giving them tangible access to the make-believe world of which they dream. I immerse myself in the character by speaking and singing as they do and adapting their specific personality in order to draw them in... creating magic and an experience I hope they will never forget.

I hope to bring some magic into the world, one princess at a time. If you would allow me to create magic at a special occasion you are planning, please click on the email address below and we will begin the adventure.


Princess Cait



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