Going to Disney? I Can Help!

March 24, 2022
If you're planning a trip to one of the theme parks, why not let a princess announce it to your little one? The character can include their name(s), when you'll be arriv...
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5 Things Party Princesses Wish You Knew

March 10, 2022
Don't worry. This is a positive post! No rants, no raves. These are just some simple things I've noticed as a party princess that will help make your event even more ma...
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My 2022 Princess Plans

March 03, 2022
Is it just me or has everything gone bonkers? The world is a crazy place to be right now... which is why it's time for some magic. Along with birthday parties and publi...
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NEW Princess Pajama Parties

July 12, 2021
Being a party princess is truly a dream job. Nothing beats it really! Except perhaps being real royalty... I'm pretty sure that's the exception. I absolutely love going...
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Princess Assistants Hear ALL

July 05, 2021
Party princesses have a lot going on at one time. Staying in character, paying special attention to the birthday girl, answering spontaneous questions, keeping the timin...
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